Dealer's Guide

Setting Agent's Percentage (%)

- Login Dealer Website
- Click DealerInfo >>> View >>> Edit
- Please set % before register Agent.
- Each Agent registered then will get same %.


Register Agent

- Agent Registration only can be done through Dealer Website
- Click RegisterAgent >>> Fill up Agent's Particulars >>> Click Submit


Agent Capital Top Up (Can Through You @ Method 2)

- Top Up Capital for Agent can be done by SMS or Dealer Website
    By SMS:
    ~ Format: TT<AgentTelephoneNumber>.<Amount>] or TT<AgentID>.<Amount>
    ~ Example: TT0123456789.100 or TT1234.100

    Via Dealer Website:
    ~ Click AgentTopup >>> Search/Select Agent >>> Insert Amount >>> Click TopUp
    ~ Example:

Recruit Dealer

- You may recruit Dealer as Pakage Selection section
- Dealer that you recruit will NOT under your network
- NO charge for recruit Dealer
- Percentage (%) of Dealer that you recruit are same with your %

Send SMS using following format:

EXAMPLE: DET Ahmad@1234 ERIC@0123456789

SMS to 019-2939169

Dealer Capital Top Up

- Dealer can Top Up Capital through METHOD 1 & METHOD 2

Checking Agent's Sales

- Agent's Sales Checking only can be done through Dealer Website
- Click ReportAgentSales >>> Select Agent that you want to check


Commission of Agent's Sales (Difference of % Dealer-Agent)

- Commission of Agent's Sales will be credited into your account every Sunday, SMS notification will be sent after 12AM every Sunday.
- Check Commission of Agent's Sales via Dealer Website
- Click ReportCommission

Celcom AutoReload your commission 4.50%. If you set Agent's commission as 3.50%, you will gain 4.50% - 3.50% = 1.00% overriding when your Agent sell Topup Celcom AutoReload